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This ministry blossomed out of the friendship of two sisters that both were striving to find balance. We are seekers of wholeness and freedom. We long to see ourselves the way God does.


We know we’ve been given bodies, minds, thoughts, feelings, and souls for a greater purpose than for negativity, lies, and disjointedness. We search with vigor for unity of body, soul and spirit.  We believe it’s a calling from our Creator on this earth that will transcend to the next.


The world tries to destroy and separate who we were made to be. We are here to reclaim the unity Christ came to restore, redeem, and resurrect through our Christian faith and holistic wisdom.


We are here to challenge, discuss, and provide resources for our sisters to rid of the “old wine skins” to make way to receive Christ’s abundance in our lives.  We believe our body, soul and spirit work together to make the perfect vessel for God to bring souls to His loving arms. Will you accompany us?

Francesca Morgan

I’m from Santa Cruz, California and love everything about home.  To me it’s where I feel grounded and connect with my roots. It’s a safe place to work through my growing pains and self-acceptance.


I grew up in a traditional Catholic family with six children.  It is through the love of my family that my faith became center to my life. I always seemed to be drawn to the spiritual since I was a little girl. I went to college at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame where faith and love continued to grow.  It is also where I encountered some deep challenges, internally.


Right after school, I got married and moved to Arizona. We had four children, but lost our oldest daughter when she was five. Thirteen years later, my path has brought us back home to California - a dream I never thought would happen.  


I relentlessly search for freedom and wholeness and believe God’s ways are far above mine. I’m a work in progress as I stumble around learning to let go of EVERYTHING. I am an educator and seeker of truth, goodness and beauty for myself and the little souls I’ve been surrounded with in work and home. I love different cultural experiences, art, nature, and everything beautiful.  


I am learning the way of “all I need is right within me” with my Creator and the community of faith-filled people around me. I couldn’t walk any of the roads I’ve been on without the women Christ has blessed me with. Sisterhood has been a rock for me and I am grateful.

Hi all, my name is Clare. Blessed wife to an intelligent, humble man who is the champion of my heart, and Spanish teacher to a bunch of bright, energetic high school students. My husband and I are childhood sweethearts with a bumpy but beautiful past and a wonderful future.


I was born and raised in our homey beach town, Santa Cruz, California. Spent time in Spain, Italy, Central America, San Francisco, Oakland, the Midwest, and now have finally settled back home to be with my big, Italian family and the wide open ocean. The water speaks to me everyday and never ceases to teach me about life.


If I’m not enjoying a grand meal with my family, I’m soaking up the sun at the beach or getting my sweat on any which way. I am a total Latin wannabe. (I swear there has to be Latin blood in me somewhere). I am utterly entranced by their joy and I love how that comes out in their hospitality, frequent celebrations, and obsession with color. I’m trilingual (a little rusty on the Italian). Art has been one of the greatest ways I’ve found God and myself. The more I play with art, the more alive I feel.


When I was a junior in high school, I fell in love with the Lord and ever since, I’ve felt a draw to his heart and have stumbled along trying to find quicker ways to reach Him. My earthly and heavenly sisters keep me sane on this life journey. Without their love and joy, I wouldn’t understand what it is to be a true Christian woman.

Clare Hyde

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