How do we discern life decisions

Recently I had some opportunities come up that on paper seemed so great and made sense but inside I’ve been filled with nothing but anxiety and fear. Have you ever felt so not ready for something? So not prepared? I was confused- Is this God’s will and I’m too scared or is this not His will and I shouldn’t be including it in my life?

I was praying day after day and finally, as I was prayer journaling, I said, “Well, Lord, I’m going to continue with this unless you make it obvious to me not to. But I’m not going to avoid it out of fear.”

And then it hit me.

God doesn’t work through fear. That’s not his language. His is a language of peace and love. Fear should never be my guide or my reason for a choice.

I wasn’t made for comfort.

I wasn’t made to be in control.

I wasn’t made to be fearful.

I was given a spirit of power.

I was given a spirit of love.

I was given a spirit of self-discipline.

I will not bow down to fear of failure, fear of lack of control, fear of being uncomfortable.

They are not my gods.

It’s precisely when I accept that I cannot do it when I get to believe God can.

And G o d n e v e r f a i l s.

. . .

“That is where both merit and humility come in, when you really think that you are not fit for what you are doing.”

-Saint Teresa of Avila

. . .

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