It's through the flaws that beauty arises

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

At Wholistic Christian Woman we love to be inspired by others who are living out holistic faith, who connect with God and themselves in all they do, and encounter him especially through creative expression. Male Graziosi, founder of Molly.handmade, is a wildly talented artist that is certainly a jack of all trades... or should we say a jane?

She is a wizard at knitting, embroidering and painting and loves to mix mediums. She's dabbled in pretty much every artistic expression due to her deep creative craving. She was a big inspiration behind the building up of Wholistic Christian Woman so we decided to ask a few questions and have her share some of her wisdom... I may or may not have shed a couple tears as I was listening... I hope it speaks to you as much as it spoke to us.

What brought you to art?

I’ve always felt attracted to all artistic expressions. I feel like God put the desire to create deep in my heart. It was a year and a half ago when I decided to make room for my creative desires.

I arranged a little corner in the house and was determined to create something every single day... this journey has opened a beautiful door of discovery.

Today it’s part of my daily routine. It’s a way of expression and it gives me vitality, joy and strength..

How does your faith play a role in your art?

I have this image of a road and a father getting everything ready for his child preparing to go on her journey of life. He gives his child her bag packed with everything she’ll need to do her Father’s will and achieve sanctity. The thing is she doesn’t know what’s in the backpack when she starts her journey.

She has to open it up as she travels. Some of what He put in makes sense and she knows she can use it right away. Others confound her and to her naked eye, have no use… but this is part of her journey. She must discover the purpose of each gift and what He had in mind when he sweetly and wisely placed it in her care.

In every phase of life, the Lord uncovers the meaning to deep desires I had, he makes use of gifts in ways I could have never anticipated. The Lord is never short of surprises.

How do you incorporate body, soul, and spirit in what you do?

To put it simply, I feel like my heart speaks through my hands.

Art makes me aware. It brings creation in perspective. I’m so drawn to drawing and embroidering flowers and leaves. Because of that natural inclination, I’m so aware of them. I observe them. I notice their shape, movement and colors.

I think the Creator uses art to awaken the eyes of my soul to new beauty which in turn opens the eyes of my body. It’s all connected...

Who or what inspires you?

Nature inspires me. Passionate people inspire me. People that do what they love just radiate.

I love Zumba and I’ve been to a dozen different teachers all teaching the same moves but there’s this one instructor whose class is always full, people line up way out the door to get in. He’s not doing anything different, but you can feel his passion. His heart speaks through his body when he dances and he gives so much joy to all around him. People like him inspire me to pursue what makes my heart jump with joy.

What word of encouragement would you give to women who are hesitant to venture into any sort of creative expression?

I would say you’re about to jump into the most beautiful journey... Make room for it. Enjoy it. Try not to get too serious about it. Don’t aim for perfection. It’s through the flaws that beauty arises...

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